2018 in Retrospect for Slate

When we look back in 2018 we’ve noticed all the positive changes that have happened. Including new staff, expansion of our office, wonderful new clients and FREE pizza!!  

New Staff

In 2018, we saw the arrival of four new staff members. Ergert, Charlotte, Stefano and Sid who all joined in that order. To give you a taste of what they’re about we asked them a few pressing questions…


What’s your favourite website at the moment and why?

Ergert: and because its a compilation of totally unique looking websites that take a completely different approach in structuring and layout

Charlotte: Not strictly a website, but I think the Dice app is great. It’s not only a well thought-through place to buy tickets, but also a great place to discover new music.

Sid: Current and most recent website is Netflix, just because of the new TV series Power which was aired in June 2004.

Stefano: simple design but great work behind it.


What has been your favourite travel destination so far and where’s next on your list?

Charlotte: I went to Iceland in November it was freezing but beautiful and unlike any where I’d been before. Next up on my wishlist is Japan.

Ergert: Dubrovnik and next is someplace is northern europe because i enjoy sightseeing and mountains.

Stefano: I went to Fuerteventura surfing two years ago and was amazing. Next in the list Norway.

Sid: My favourite destination has been a trip to Camp America, where I spent the whole summer of 2012 working at a Jewish camp as a maintenance. Next on the bucket list, a trip to New Zealand or Africa.  


I wouldn’t be caught dead in…. 

Ergert: Highbury & Islington

Sid: A liverpool shirt

Stefano: Thorpe Park (Doesn’t like rollercoasters)

Charlotte: A football stadium


What’s your go-to signature dish?

Ergert: I can only cook pasta, so my answer is pasta.

Stefano: Pizza and lasagna.

Sid: Rice and Steak

Charlotte: My cooking skills are questionable but I make great vegan chocolate cupcakes which seem to come out great everytime.  



Office space

One of our plans in 2018 was to potentially move to a new office location, after searching far and wide we just couldn’t find the right office that fits our criteria. After thinking it through we had finally come to the conclusion of merging our office and the office next to us. After the building’s landlord gave us the go ahead, we ended up smashing the soft wall between the offices and used it as a doorway. Sounds crazy but it ended up working out perfectly, it was a win-win, we ended up in a bigger office and we didn’t have to deal with moving.


Here is a nice visual of our floorplans




New Floorplan


New clients

Here are a few of the websites we designed in 2018, check out our design process for them!




Posted: February 2019

Author: Slate

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