5 Website Design Trends For Summer 2010

As a creative, I am often scouring the web (in the name of research) to help fuel my creativity through the design process. After a period of time spent clicking through websites and focusing on the designs its quite obvious to spot reoccurring themes. Here are my top 5 trends that I have picked up on over the past few weeks and are look set to continue in popularity throughout the Summer.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism is to the point. It offers the user simplicity and easy navigation, whilst feeling very clear and professional. Current trends use large typography to marry together the empty space and text columns along with some hint of strong colour.?

2. Hand Drawn

Using hand drawn and illustrative techniques you can create a more personalised look to a website. In conjunction with bright bold colours and black outlines the sites can look fun, unique and definitely stand out from more traditional techniques.

3. Grids

The use of the grid is essential for designing layouts. It lurks in the background enabling you to align everything in its correct place and aids the streamlining of the layout. More and more websites are embracing the grid system and are bringing it to the foreground for all to see.

4. Full Browser Imagery

A great way to pack a punch. Full browser imagery creates impact and instantly engages the user. Although you have to be careful when choosing the imagery and adapting the text as some images may impair the legibility.

5. Newspaper Layouts

This style has been adopted by a lot of websites recently that aren’t necessarily news related. It’s a quirky way of displaying your content with pre determined guidelines to stick to. I prefer the more tactile versions that look like a physical newspaper. A nice contrast between technology – print and digital combined together.

I will keep tabs on the changing trends over the coming months, so keep an eye out for my next instalment on whats hot for Autumn.


Posted: July 2010

Author: Slate

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