How to design a business card

We have gathered a list of the most important points to bare in mind when designing your business card.

Ah yes, the nifty little business card. One of the most important first points of contact your customer will engage with when you meet them, so how can you maximise the impact of your card?


Our top tips

Make your brand stand out

Position the logo on it’s own and place it on a contrasting background (light on dark or dark on light), this will have a greater immediate impact on your audience. You should also use your logo as the focal point, make it the largest image on the back of the card.

Be clear and to the point

Include who you are, company name, address, phone number, email and website addresses on the front. Make sure these are larger than 8pt and in a contrasting colour to the background. Keep it short, it’s only supposed to start a conversation.

Different shapes and sizes

Business cards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, thicknesses and textures. Make sure you pick something appropriate for your field. A different shape might make you more memorable but only if you’re using it with the right graphics. Make sure all your content fits the size nicely, don’t overcrowd the card or use a colour that is out of brand just because you like it.

Think of your card as a call to action

Add social media to gain followers and allow people to contact you through their preferred channel. Though, giving too many options can also be confusing so pick a maximum of three and make sure to include a more direct channel (email or tel number).



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Posted: November 2017

Author: Slate

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