Friday Favourites

A light hearted bunch this week, probably due to the sun shining and making us all feel a bit chipper. Oh and its Friday –

1. Making Something Cool Everyday -Aled Lewis

We came across Aled Lewis a great illustrator, thanks to a lead on twitter this week. His latest project gave us a giggle, titled ‘Toy Story’ Aled Lewis has taken old toy figures and put them in parodied them with famous films scenes. Full of wit and charm these will brighten up your Friday further. Also check out the rest of Aled’s work here.

2. ‘Going Live’ Button

So you’ve got yourself a brand new shiny website and you want to tell the world about it. Have no fear, create your self a going live button and share your site with your networks and beyond. You can add your own going live song from youtube to address the momentous occasion, maybe something like ‘Celebration’ by Kool and the Gang would be apt? Not only this a fun tool the site is wonderfully designed with great CSS. Head over to the site to here see for yourself.

3. Drama Queen

Do not trust this girl! She might look sweet and innocent but watch the advert to see her devious little actions. The advert is to promote a competition which aims to reward the best new directors on the scene. This is a sequel to another advert from the Young Directors Awards, watch that one here.

Posted: April 2011

Author: Slate

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