Friday Favourites

Welcome back to our weekly round up of a few of our favourite things:

1. Claimtz – Social Identity Protection

The Internet and specifically social media networks have made private information much more readily available on the web. This presents a security risk for any individual or business with a reputation worth protecting. Securing your brand identity is one of the most important things you must do as a business owner and now you can with claimtz.

Visit the site here.

2. Monkey Steals Camera

When the award-winning photographer David Slater was visiting the Indonesian island of Sulawesi a particularly pushy primate stole his camera and went on snapping rampage. The black macaque intrigued by his reflection, soon began posing and took hundreds of shots, capturing in-particular these gems above. Pure gold!

3. Oobafit

Oobafit offers Free Online fitness and nutrition plans which are automatically calculated for every individual. You have heard of social networks and social gaming well Oobafit has invented social training. Every nutrition plan automatically calculates a list of ingredients which can be sent to Tesco at the click of a button. You can track your progress and view videos in details of your fitness plan. Nicely designed too!

The Oobafit tour:

Posted: July 2011

Author: Slate

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