Friday Favourites

Another week has passed and we’ve accumulated another handful of sites that have been of interest to us. Whether it be from an aesthetics point of view or because of staggering content, we like to share these with you. Here goes…

1. Snowdin

Have you got a pair of 3d glasses kicking around from that time you went to see a 3D film at the cinema? Then get some more use out of them with this website Snowdin. This online winter retreat offers a snowy mountain village to explore in which you can play mini games and download freebies. The Freebies come in the form of fonts, wallpapers and papercraft ideas, whilst the gaming delivers hours of flash based fun – all in 3D! Visit the site here.

2. Behance Network

The Behance Network has been around for a while now but thought we would share it with you in-case you haven’t come across it before. The idea is to create a portfolio of your best work to showcase your creativity, whether that be in illustration, photography, digital and web or 3D modeling . You can request feedback or just put your work out there. With a huge number of members the site now incorporates a recruitment aspect in which you could get head hunted or post jobs for creatives to apply for. We like to use this site as an inspiration tool though, using the search capability to source ideas and reflect on some tremendous work that’s on display. Have a look here.

3. Content By Conran

Well this ones cheating a little bit as its one of ours! But we thought we’d take this opportunity to share it with you. After working closely with the Content by Conran team we got to understand their needs and expectations. We wanted the site to be clean and clear, to let the furniture stand out and be the main focus, in addition to the online shop and easy navigation. Here’s how the site looks live. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Posted: December 2010

Author: Slate

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