Friday Favourites

Welcome to this weeks Friday Favourites, with a slightly festive feel – enjoy!

1. Tweet Wrap

First up in with the Christmas theme is a project called Tweet Wrap, delivered to us by Samsung. The idea behind the site is to create your own unique wrapping paper choosing from a selection of designs and then the interesting bit, fill the wrapping paper with tweets by searching for key terms or choose one of the trending topics. You can then either print the paper from your own printer, order a professionally printed roll or download the image to use as a wallpaper on your desktop. A clever and engaging way to help promote Samsung’s latest laptop!

2. The Monster Holiday Harmonizer

Monster the job site have come up with a great online promotion this Christmas in the form of the Holiday Harmonizer. The general gist is to create your own Christmas greetings message but with a twist. The site allows you to sing into your computers microphone (or talk) and then using an auto tune, make you sound good. If you’re not brave enough to sing you can also type a message and the computer will sing it back to you but wheres the fun in that aye?

3. Sajak & Farki – 12 Days of Christmas

This excellent self promotional piece offers 12 days of interactive holiday fun. Full of festive cheer and mini games that will keep you entertained for a good hour or so. Beautifully designed and a pleasure to interact with. Visit the site here to have a play yourself.

Posted: December 2010

Author: Slate

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