The Boundary Project

Project Overview

Launching under a new alias, the former Boundary required a new website to showcase their new identity – The Boundary Project.

The website layout was largely inspired by the building’s brickwork – rectangular & modular. It was an important feature to focus on hierarchy within the building to establish a sense of how to navigate upon arrival.

On the landing page I used a mix of A/B images that trigger on hover. Image A captures the what it is. Image B captures the atmosphere (people in context). The main focus of the new design is to encourage bookings and enquiries, which is why I have included multiple ways to do this:

  • Multiple embedded booking & enquiry forms
  • External links to 3rd party booking system
  • Linked tel numbers
  • Linked emails with unique subject lines every page
  • Interest based segmentation on newsletter subscriptions

Other special features that the website has are:

  • An integrated social feed, where visitors can see all the latest instagram posts from each venue in one central location.
  • Hospitality is all about reviews, therefore every page was given a space to include some of the most prominent testimonials.
  • Hidden landing pages – these will be used for special menus, events and other quick turnaround listings that need an indexed page.
  • Immaculate mobile site for optimum UX on the go.

The Boundary Project includes three award-winning restaurants and bars, twelve guest bedrooms, five studios, lofts and suites, a British food store and a bakery.