Orbis Foreign Exchange

Project Overview

When Orbis approached Slate for a new website, they wanted something that was easy for  the viewer to digest as well as a slick and modern styling. We were excited with this brief as it laid out a set of challenges that we weren’t faced with before, they were very keen on a minimal and streamlined design but also wanted to display a large amount of esoteric information all on one page.   Solution: With these problems in mind we decided on a format that was heavily text involved but also doesn’t disinterest the viewer since staring at a wall of text can be quite intimidating. In order to avoid this we decided to split the information in almost slideshow style by displaying the content in a more consumable and immersive way.   We also included an journey sidebar on the left hand side which gives you constant indication of what “slide” you’re on so you’re never lost and can jump ahead to the topics that interest you the most.