Top Five Percent

Project Overview

Top Five Percent is a hybrid recruitment agency and technology platform, delivering outstanding, pre-screened and tested finance and accountancy candidates ready to hire.


Slate was tasked with rebranding and redesigning Top Five Percent. They wanted their brand to reflect a new up and coming generation of talented candidates who have their eyes set on the finance and accountancy sector. Slate created a logo that symbolises the foundational concept of TFPs USP which is a brand new algorithm that promises to match the most suitable candidates for the clients. Using a vivid and deep blue with strong emphasis on a grid-like system to represent the technical and logic-minded aspect of top five percent.


As for the redesign, slate wanted to place a heavy emphasis on the brand identity since it was an up and coming startup agency. The idea was to avoid as much stock photo imagery as possible and instead build an identity with brand assets to really force and cement the brand in the mind of the viewers. We did this by using a minimalist approach and instead relying on parallax and subtle animations to create a sense of depth to really highlight the goal and vision of TFP.