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So we went out on a work social the other night. Yay! We wandered down the road to Old Street for a session of table tennis and once we had worked up an appetite went to grab a pizza.


As soon as you walk through the door, you realise that Bounce has truly taken table tennis out of sterile gymnasium environments and made it cool. Plimsolls and gym shorts here have been replaced with urban vibes and music! The decor is a unique mixture of a traditional bar with graffitied games tables and an abundance of black lights picking out a lot of UV details! Check out their Instagram and you’ll see what we mean!

One of the great things about Bounce is the table service. Literally, as you’re playing, the staff come and take your orders and deliver to your match! If you’re anything like me and your ping pong balls don’t necessarily end up where you expect them too (i.e. pretty much anywhere apart from on the table) then panic not! The staff also run around collating all the lost balls and returning them to buckets by the table. I was relieved to see that it is a more than common occurrence for a wayward ball to come bouncing past you.

We had a great time, it’s a brilliant idea for a work social! Although I still don’t quite get how the scoring works…


Homeslice :

Collectively we’re a hard bunch to please when it comes to food! We all love it, but all have very different ideas of what we love. So it was no mean feat that we all came out full and happy!

Homeslice started their wood-fired pizza operation in 2011 at first hitting the street food scene with markets such as Kerb and Street Feast. Two years later they opened their first restaurant at Neil’s Yard. Homeslice have still retained their balance between providing classic flavours with unique ones in a simple setting! Their concept’s pretty simple you can get a slice, a whole 20″ pizza, or two 20″ halves should you be torn between flavours!



We went for two 20″ to share between us – a mushroom, ricotta, pumpkin seed & chilli, and a caramelised onions, kalamata olives & anchovy! They arrived promptly at the table with a pizza cutter so you can dictate the size of your own slice! You know that everyone’s appreciating what’s on their plate when that hush of contented tummies hits the table! NOM – need we say more?



Would we go to either place again?


The joy of being based in East London is there are so many great things to do and fabulous places to eat we’re looking forward to trying out something new on our next social, mini golf maybe?


Posted: July 2016

Author: Slate

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