Stonewall launch 2012 ‘Gay By Degree’ Uni Guide

Stonewall have launched the 2012 edition of Gay By Degree – a guide profiling the UK’s 150 universities discovering how gay-friendly they are. We designed and developed the original guide around this time last year, and have continued to work closely with Stonewall this year to update the site adding extra functionality, which we are very proud of. The new guide is supported by Google who recently ran a fantastic ad campaign about one man who used the web to create the ‘It Gets Better project’ – a movement that has generated thousands of uplifting videos that give hope to teens. It went like so…

The guide will offer students applying for university this year all the information they need to decide how gay-friendly each UK university really is and what they have to offer them. This year the guide also includes a new ‘career spotlight’ section, which features profiles of 12 recent LGB graduates each working in different sectors.

Chris Dye, Stonewall’s Education Officer, said: ‘Gay By Degree means lesbian, gay and bisexual students can compare how gay-friendly their university choices are and what each will offer to help them achieve their ambitions and fulfil their life aspirations. With universities increasing their maximum fees for 2012 prospective students want to ensure that they’re getting the best value for money from a university that will treat them with respect.’

There is a great article featured in the Guardian about the 2012 ‘Gay By Degree’ Guide here

Keep up the great work Stonewall!

Posted: July 2011

Author: Slate

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