The Importance of Animation and
User Interaction on Your Website

The evolution of web design has lead to a variety of tools that can help websites stand out and encourage more interaction from users. User interaction is key to the success of your website, as engaged users are more likely to click, view and buy things. Also, when user engagement is high, you’ll find that your audience becomes more loyal. 

An effective way of increasing user interaction is by using animation. Here are just a few ways animation can be just the tool for increasing user interaction on your website.


They capture attention 

In the digital age, you’ll already know how hard it is to capture consumer attention. Attention spans are ever-shrinking but a simple animation can cut through the clutter. Well placed animations will pull the visitor in right from the top of the landing page and get them interested in the content of your website and finding out more. 


They guide users to complete tasks

Interactive web designs can lead visitors to take action and guide them through complicated tasks. UX research indicates that movement and direction on interactive sites assist users to make decisions on what to do next and it can also be used to show progress, such as the steps of filling out a form.


Messages are more memorable 

The benefit of having an interactive site and using movement or video is that it delivers a lot of information in a small amount of time. This reduces the user’s cognitive load and gives them an interesting way to learn more about your business. Web animation can also increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%,


Users are persuaded to keep scrolling

Add excitement to every page of your site by adding web animation to the scrolling process. If you’re not familiar with scroll animation, it is a feature on a website where elements appear or move as you navigate down the page. This is an alternative to more traditional static with text, images, and other graphics. Scrolling animations can have the following benefits: 


Scrolling effects help page load time – Sometimes just having something to look at onscreen can keep your visitor patient whilst your page loads. Take a look at multi-part transitions or skeleton screens for some examples of how to keep users engaged whilst the magic happens.


Animation when scrolling can direct attention to a call-to-action – Your CTA is one of the most important parts of your website so anything that makes it stand out to a user is a good thing. 


Website scrolling effects prevent users from becoming lost when navigating – With some much information on show it can sometimes be easy for users to get lost when scrolling a website. Animations are a way to make sure they don’t get frustrated and are easily able to follow the next step and go on to convert.

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Posted: September 2019

Author: Slate

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