Typography Tuesday #3

Hello and welcome back from an extra long weekend to our our third installment of ‘Typography Tuesday’. This week we would like to draw some attention to a project that we’ve been keeping an eye on for a few days now. As type lovers we have a passion for all forms of type be it digital, print, type in motion or one of our personal favorites, letterpress. Two designers, Matt Braun and Matt Griffin, also share our passion and are hoping to raise enough money to scour the globe for 10 of the most prized fonts of wood type they can acquire. As it stands in the digital world the selection of letterpress fonts is quite lacking and especially in comprehensiveness. The aim here is to source out fonts that have upper and lowercase letters as well as figures and punctuation, which is ever so rare to find these days. They also mention that alternative cases will be available with different levels of imperfection creating a more unique feel to the overall package.

To test out the idea and show off what they can do, they created the beta version of their first font from an existing collection of wood type. Available for Download here.

And here’s how they did it:

To read more about the project or to donate visit the here.

Posted: May 2011

Author: Slate

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