Web Font Limitations to be Removed

Coming from a creative background, I have always liked using type in experimental ways, which is all fine and dandy when dealing with print based projects. Web design however, has always restricted what fonts you can use because of compatibility issues with typical domestic computers. Until now that is. After more than fifteen years the wall of typographical limitations on the net are about to be torn down. Google have developed a free resource with the Google Font API which allows you to use a selection of fonts stored on Google’s server for any web project;

like this for example!

The selection of available fonts are still very limited but the doors have been opened as to what is possible for the very near future. There are still legal issues with font licensing causing the limitations but solutions are being developed.

Other resources include Mozilla’s WOFF which is another free option or Typekit, which comes at a cost but gives you a bigger library of fonts  to use (nearly 500). Probably the more developed and extensive option with access to their library coming in at $49.99 per year.

Exciting times for the world of web design!


Posted: October 2010

Author: Slate

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