Email Capture Series Part 1

Popups and Slide-ins

Email lists are an absolute essential for all marketers. Especially with Facebook limiting posts and click through rates declining on Twitter. Your website can be a key tool to adding to your email collection, and we’re sharing a few ideas and tools to help you get them!

These little boxes literally popup or slide on to the screen, asking people to sign up for newsletters etc. If used and managed in the right way they can be pretty effective tools!

Popups need a little thought, they can damage user experience – especially if one appears as your visitor has found and just started to read the content they have been searching for! Most people want to check out your content before they sign up!  Carefully managed and placed popups can have a great success rate in providing you with fresh email contacts. A couple of suggestions to think about for your site:

– Present a pop up at the end of your content. This works like a Call to Action and provides direction and doesn’t act as a barrier between the user and the content.

– Introduce a popup  when the user signals exit-intent. Exit-intent is a technology that determines when a user is about to leave a site or close the browser triggering a popup, users then stop to see what just appeared!

– Sliders can be set to gently slide in from the bottom corner once someone has scrolled down to a certain point on a page. They are eye catching, but much less in your face than popups!

Here are some great tools to help set up your pop ups and sliders:


Great targeting abilities that let you determine where and when your pop up appears with customised design options that will work with your brand!


Customisable with highly advanced options for controlling popups, including determining time and number of pageviews before appearing, it also has filters to combine a number of elements for highly targeted popup behaviour!

Optin Monster

Another with advanced targeting features including excellent exit-intent features and attention grabbing animation options for your popup! Preloaded with themes that can be customised, or use the builder to design one from scratch!

List Builder

A super easy, free tool that allows basic customisation of the popup. Tehe paid for version has features that include targeting rules creating different popups for different visitors (such as those being referred to the site via social media).

Opt-in Popup

A plug in with some pretty unique advanced targeting options such as only showing at the end of a post or after a visitor has left a comment. Again preloaded with customisable templates!

Posted: August 2015

Author: Slate

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