When hosting and managing your own website becomes too much, the Slate team are here to give you the support you need – saving the cost of hiring an IT professional, while giving you peace of mind that your website is safe and secure for both the business and your customer base.

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More About Hosting

Hosting a website is one of those jobs which always seems to blend into the background – and yet without it, your website wouldn’t run, and business operations would stall. Our hosting service is here to give you the support you need when it comes to hosting and managing your site, saving you the cost of bringing in or hiring an IT professional, and instead only asking you to pay for the services and intervention that you need on a rolling basis.

Aside from saving your business money, our hosting service also taps into our team’s expertise and experience across sites of all sizes and across all industries. This means high level peace of mind for you, and security for both your business and your customers.


Keeping Your Website Safe

As part of our hosting service, we cover domain registration and any required updates, SSL security certification, and ensure that your website’s dedicated built-in services run smoothly – including customer support functions and 24/7 technical support for you and your team. On a business operational level, this means your site will always run smoothly and will always be 100% secure for all users.

Best of all, by taking over backend tasks such as website hosting, we leave you free to focus on building your business and nurturing your customer or client base.

Slate Can Help You With That

Our London based team are available from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday for any questions you may have!

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