Friday Favourites

What’s been rocking our boats this week? Well, let me tell you…

1. The Oatmeal

This hilarious website features a lot of laugh-out-loud comic strips and quizzes that will brighten up your afternoon. The quizzes feature such topics as “How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a Velociraptor?” and “Are your loved ones planning to eat you?”. Pure comedy gold. The comics are very satirical and cover topics that are on everyone’s mind, for example; “The pro’s and con’s of a man sitting down to pee.” and “the 6 crappiest interview questions.” Enjoy the laughter.

2. Laker

On a more serious note, I came across earlier this week which is a site that offers a ‘compendium’ of files, frameworks, styles and tips for designing digital publications in HTML5. This is a great resource for anyone designing publications for the web on mobile devices and the like and its free!

3. Gadget-O

This is a well designed website for the gadget lover inside you. The side scrolling works well and displays an array of great gadgets and quirky items. In its own words “Quality things for a quality life”.

Posted: May 2011

Author: Slate

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