Friday Favourites

Welcome to our latest edition of our ‘Friday Favourites’, enjoy!

1. Kuler

Kuler is a very useful website that we use quite regularly when starting new projects. Ideal for giving you inspiration on complimentary colours to base colours you have chosen or you can search through the thousands of themes that have already been created. This is a free service from adobe and they give you all the details you need for applying these to your project. One of the stand out features is creating a theme from a photo you have upload. We find this very time saving and a great aid to starting off our design process. To have a go visit Kuler here.

2. 20 Things I Learned

This lovely website has been brought to us by the google team and they describe the website “for things you’ve always wanted to know about the web but were afraid to ask.” They have taken 20 things all to do with the web and made the topics more engaging with beautiful illustration and a children’s book asthetic. Visit the site here.

3. Rivella Kicks and Thrills

A bold and playful website for the Netherlands based drinks company ‘Rivella’ that will have you clicking away for hours. The site is made up of hundreds of simple mini games to enjoy at your leisure whilst engaging with the brand. A very clever way of increasing time spent on their website. Have a play here.

Posted: December 2010

Author: Slate

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