Friday Favourites

We are kicking off the first 2011 Friday Favourites with three brilliant websites – lets hope for more like these this year…

1. First up is a website titled Ben the Bodyguard and in essence it’s a glorified advert and holding page for a new app for the iPhone. The app is to help secure your passwords, photos and contacts on your iPhone and is represented by the figure of Ben the French bodyguard for hire! The site is executed wonderfully and engages the viewer from the start. As you scroll down the page the site comes to life, telling a story of the product using humour and animation – you effectively are the timeline to the animation. Very clever indeed.

Visit here.

2. Next up is a site for a big brand name – Nike. Now, they seem to have taken a step in a different direction to their usual online presence and have come up with this very creative approach for the Better World campaign. Again an element of interest is the scrolling navigation but the more interesting feature is the way the site seems to split itself in to separate pages. Each time you scroll the height of your screen there is a different element and feel to the site, incorporating video and almost 3D like imagery. A visual treat for all.

Visit here.

3. And finally, we have Dropr, a new(ish) site for creating and presenting online portfolios for multimedia projects. Showcasing projects from an array of talent, allowing you to discover some great work and also uploading your own (if you’re in that field). Dropr’s design represents the sites function and feels like a piece of art itself with grungy typefaces and reinforcing the brand name with drops of rain on the home page. A pleasure to use and a great tool for sourcing inspiration.

Visit here.

Posted: January 2011

Author: Slate

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