The Street Art Museum

Project Overview

Slate was tasked with creating a brand identity from scratch for The Street Art Museum as well as a short but concise website that promotes the ethos and art pieces for the newly erected museum.

When starting the brief for TheSAM we wanted to create a logo that was memorable and also something that heavily referenced exactly what The Street Art Museum represents which is largely street-art related. We used a stencil font which is typically used in graffiti and contained the lettering within a bricklike framework to reference the typical application of street art so it pays homage to the art form.

Once we finished establishing a brand identity we had to then begin utilising it to create a small but informative website. The client wanted there to be a minimal amount of pages to create more of an emphasis on the pieces themselves. We used a bold and brash font (Poppins) and due to the lack of colour palette, we decided to outline the font to create necessary distinctions and establish a typeface hierarchy.